Friday, August 5, 2011

My daughter and her fiance have been back from their trip to South Africa for a week now.  They stayed at an elephant lodge near George, South Africa.  Michelle was very excited to be a part of up close and caring for the elephants.  Watching the elephants sleep - do they stand up or lying down?  She also found out that they snore. who would have guessed.  They did some wine tasting, whale watching, baboon encounters(they were all over) visited a township. Their stay started with a stay in a very elegant resort (Sun City, South Africa).  They enjoyed their trip but were happy to be home.  They missed their dogs and their girls.

The Fountain, at the Fairmount, San Jose.
We joined Ray's brother and his wife for lunch last week.  Ray had the tuna for starters and I ordered the delicious soup, potato, celery something.  Yummy!  I'm thinking about trying to make this myself.