Monday, September 5, 2011

This is Paris Cafe, a beautiful sewing cottage turned into the setting for the baby shower for Kathleen's daughterin law.  After months of preparation the event took place yeterday afternoon.  The food was wonderful and Seana, mom to be received so many darling clothes for baby Vivian Kathleen, that she can change her three to four times a day and never have her wear the same outfit twice in a week.  She will be the best dressed baby in Santa Cruz.  Blankets, quilts, shoes, bibs, burp cloths, book shelve, books, running stroller and more.  Games played.  All left with the beautiful eiffel tower cookie, made by the help of three.  Jenna, Kathleen's daughter made the dough, Kathleen made the cookies along with the help of friend Donna ( kitchen oven and frosting). 

Bread was baked at Gayle's Bakery.  Cupcakes were baked by good friend of Seana.


Quilt made by me.  A real gift of love to the couple Seana & Jonathan.  Welcome baby Vivian Kathleen.