Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holy Cross 8th grade graduation. There were 23 students who have spent the last eight years together.  This is a great group of young adults who will be testing their wings in high school.  Many of them moving on schools near and a little further away.  Ocean, my grandson is in the second row on the right.  A Mass was held in the moring followed by a beautiful brunch.  Graduation ceremonies were in the evening followed by a reception.

 Ocean and one of his best friends Ryan along with Father Joe--all smiles.  

Ocean and my granddaughter Michaela.  Michaela goes on to high school as well. 
There was a very moving speech given by a representative from St Francis High School.  They  gave  out two scholarships.  One was a book scholarship to help a deserving student.  Another was a scholarship in the thousands to help with tuition for a someone that the school thought would be an wonderful and productive asset to St Francis.  We were so proud-----Ocean received both scholarships.  He really wanted to go to St Francis and now it is a reality for him.  He is truly a very kind and sweet young man.  He was shocked-and still a little dazed.

We love all our grandchildren and are so proud of all of them. To all the grandparents and graduates the best to all of you. 
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