Friday, June 24, 2011

 This week has been busy.  Father's Day BBQtopping off with this delicious heath bar ice cream cake from Stone Cold (downtown Santa Cruz). 

Michelle and Jason's friend Lorenzo who has spent the last 5 years here at the University of California, Santa Cruz is heading to Bonn, Germany for his new position at the University in Bonn. Last get together before he leaves next Wednesday.  Dr Lorenzo we will miss you!  He will be traveling to his home in Italy to see family before he starts work.    Pictured --Michele, Michelle(my daughter), Dr. Lorenzo, Savhanna and Jessica.

I found out yesterday(Thursday) that I am the lucky winner of some art from Claire(artist and blogger I follow).  I am so excited can hardly wait to see what I get.  Check out her great art, just click on blogs I follow, Claire Barone.

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Clare said...

yippee - you lucky thing - claire's art is stunning well done