Saturday, July 16, 2011

White cotton fabric, I printed and sewed together to make shoulder purse.
Backside of shoulder purse is tan and black cotton.  It is lined with cotton muslin.  Rayon cording with zipper closure.  I am starting to get into the sewing mood again.   


Judy Grupp Studio said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving encouraging comments - it's nice to know someone other than my daughter is reading my blog! Your purses are very clever. I'd love to see the inside fabric. I hope you are making some for the holidays, you could certainly help me with my xmas shopping!

Jean said...

I do enjoy your blog. I have been making purses for several years, and decided to make these so that one could go shopping or to dinner and not have to put their purse on the floor or between their legs. My daughter had her purse stolen as she was sitting in a cafe-the guy came in took the purse and fled in the running car outside. I it shuch a hassel getting new drivers license, etc-plus he now knows your address. I am encouraging all to just carry what they need in the shourlder purse and put their large purses in the trunk of their car. Thse are large enough to put cell phone, credit card, keys, what you need for that short time. It also carries passports. My daughter uses hers when she goes on a bicycle ride to carry her essentials. Glad you like. Thank you.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's a beautiful purse.